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September 2009

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Bride Spotlight: Jillianalligraphy vs. Handwriting

Invitation Ordering Tip

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Dear Reader, It’s back to school for the kids but the wedding planning is still in full swing here. Hope everyone had a nice summer!

Bride Spotlight: Jillian

Happy Bride Speaks out about Lots of Money Saved!!

The thought of hiring a wedding planner was always more of a dream than a reality. Having never missed an episode of ‘Whose Wedding is it Anyway’ or ‘Bridezillas’, I was preparing for my wedding long before the engagement ring donned my left ring finger. However, once the wedding planning began and the project task list continued to grow, having a full-time job and maintaining sanity planning this blessed affair became unbearable. The stress of getting everything done on time was not as large of a concern compared to how the day was going to pan-out seeing as I couldn’t be the Bride and the wedding planner simultaneously. Hence, researching the surrounding area wedding planners that offer day of services turned me to wedding planner extraordinaire Tracie Morris. My overall goal and expectation of hiring Tracie was to simply be able to Hand off the Wedding Baton the night before my wedding. Being comfortable delegating and relinquishing control over nine months of planning and the coordination of a party that amounts to nearly one-half a years salary (sad, I know), was not an easy task. That is, until, I met Tracie. There is a certain comfort and overwhelming ease of being in the presence of someone who ‘just get’s it’. Tracie reviewed all of the items I had planned thus far, supplied recommendations for those I had not yet confirmed/ researched and served as an enormous asset in the world of weddings. I never realized at the time I booked Tracie the benefits I would reap & amount of money I would save. Tracie was able to provide expert feedback and valuable information, saving me huge amounts of time and money. For example, I had received two quotes from comparable linen companies that were in a five-hundred dollar range of one-another. Still not being comfortable spending $2500.00 dollars on rentals, Tracie referred me to a linen company she frequently works with. I set up an appointment & ended up getting equally identical linens for only $1300.00. That saved me $1200 dollars! The same thing happened with the wedding invitations. I received a quote for the invites I loved, however, tossed and turned over spending $1200.00 dollars on paper that may get thrown out. Tracie was able to order the invites through her wedding planning company as a vendor and the grand total was $900.00. That’s another $300 dollars saved! She also saved me $2000.00 on flowers! Along with the extra income of $3,500 in total saved, I was also able to use Tracie’s input on how to word, format, & what she see’s with other brides regarding invitation wording.

Overall, Tracie’s day of services fee was paid for x 5 for and I still get to have her as a day of planner and resource for the next two months. She is a wonderful resource if you are a Bride like I who is planning and funding her own wedding and needs someone On Her Side for opinions and feedback. I highly recommend hiring Tracie & I can’t imagine doing this without her.

Jillian, October 2, 2009

Calligraphy vs. Handwriting

Yes, calligraphy is another expense but the envelope is the first thing your guest sees when opening up your wedding invitation. Why not save yourself the time and stress of handwriting them all yourself. We offer 2 styles and are offering a special discount for the month of September. The one shown is Grace. See below for offer. If you or someone you know needs their envelopes done let me know asap so we can get their order on the schedule. We also can do placecards, signs or anything else you need for the wedding or another event.

Tip: Invitation ordering

When ordering your wedding invitations be sure to order one invitation per couple not one for each person unless they are a single. I had a bride call me this morning after she realized that she ordered way too many when she placed her order on our website. This happens often so be sure to double-check your list. You do want to order a few extras but you don’t need 50 extras! If you are going to be ordering your invitations soon or know someone that is be sure to tell them about our Invitations 101 class that has been recorded as a .mp3 for you to download and listen to at any time. It is full of tips and advice so I hope you listen to it before you place your order. Click here to get to the .mp3 on our site invitations class mp3

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Tracie Morris

You’re The Bride

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Any Calligrapy order during the month of September will be eligible for this discount. Please mention that you heard about the discount in the newsletter so we can honor it.

Offer Expires: September 30, 2009

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