Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas


Warm up lights and hanging candles aren’t new trends, but they can make a room look spectacular without breaking the bank. Warm up lights can be used in a variety of ways, including as a centerpiece, accent lighting, or as an additional source of light. These options are visually appealing and often come in color-coordinated styles. Hanging candles can add a warm, natural glow to a room that is visually interesting and thoughtfully utilized. Edison lighting has been a staple in home and wedding decor for years, and it makes a great choice for a country, rustic, or outdoor wedding.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

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If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, you’re going to need to consider lighting for the pathways and the dinning areas. Pathway lighting is particularly important for outdoor weddings because it helps guests find their way around and will direct them to the correct areas of the reception hall. You should also consider the color scheme for your wedding as a way to highlight it even further. Consider using complementary colors to create a more colorful theme.

String lights are also another great way to add romantic atmosphere to your ceremony and reception. These lights can be used in a variety of ways, from romantic candles to modern Edison bulbs. Another popular choice is string lights, which give off a fairytale vibe. You can also choose between string lights and lanterns to get the look you’re going for. Ultimately, the choice is up to you. Consider the colors and theme of your wedding before choosing lighting for your ceremony and reception.

outdoor wedding lighting

Floating luminaries are another great option for wedding reception lighting. These lights can be placed near a water feature. If you’re planning on using floating luminaries, make sure to buy styrofoam for the lights to stay in place. You can also use floating luminaries as accent lights along pathways, staircases, and patios. Or, consider an illuminated wall of string lights to set the mood. A lighted sign or banner hanging overhead is a great idea for a fairytale wedding.

Candlelit lanterns

Adding a few candlelit lanterns to your wedding reception can give the atmosphere of romance and coziness. These elegant lights can be placed anywhere inside or outside of the venue. Small lanterns can be placed around the ceremony area, such as around a guest book, while larger lanterns can guide your guests to a different room or the car park. You can also create your own lanterns by using inspiration and watercolor paint.

Alternatively, you can also hang strands of candlelit lanterns in clusters on walls or trees. A cluster of these lights can be used as a curtain to highlight a gift table or seating area. If you are planning a nighttime wedding, you could also hang them along a stone wall to create a beautiful visual setting. Whether you choose to use them indoors or outdoors, these lights are both versatile and beautiful and will complement any style of wedding.

Another unique option for wedding lighting is the use of decorative letters. These letters can be used to create a photo backdrop and uplift the entire venue. Decorative letter lights look great in photos and add a touch of industrial chic. Edison bulbs also provide a great amount of illumination for your event throughout the evening. For a more upscale look, consider adding crystals, flowers, and greenery. Also, curtain lights can be a striking focal point that creates an enchanting backdrop for a bridal table and photo spots.

Floating luminaries

You can make your space a work of art with floating luminaries. These decorative lighting fixtures are often made of glass, so they are both beautiful and functional. If you want to accentuate a high ceiling, you can hang a brass chandelier and drape Spanish moss on it. Or, you can add other greenery to create the same look. Either way, these decorations will enhance your space’s beauty.

Floating luminaries are especially beautiful near a fountain or water feature. Floating luminaries are incredibly easy to make, and are made up of votive candles and paper lanterns. These luminaries are also great accents on walkways, patios, and staircases. Luminaries can even be used as lighted signs, creating a dreamy atmosphere. However, you must check with your venue to find out if they are allowed.

If you want to save money, floating lanterns are a great option for outdoor weddings. They are available in a variety of shapes and colors, and they look beautiful strung in a line. Using these decorations will create a whimsical feel and look that will complement your wedding colors. These lanterns can also be used as string lights for an even more whimsical look. You can also use tea lights or votives to decorate them.

If you’d like to create a more dramatic effect, consider hanging fairy lights on ceiling rafters. Firefly lights are ideal for wrapping around tree trunks, and twinkling lights are beautiful peeping from shrubbery. You can also hang floating lanterns in the water, or have them float on a pool or in the sky. If you’re considering floating luminaries as decorating lighting trends for wedding, consider a variety of ways to use them.

Fairy lights

A dazzling array of fairy lights will add a romantic touch to your ceremony area, transforming it into a fairytale-like haven. These lights are available in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your specific theme. The glowing strings of lights can even be shaped like chandeliers or hung from tent frames. This ensures a proper spread of light, and if your venue is large, you can choose a tent with larger frame height.

LED lights are a great option if you’d prefer white light. Fairy lights were specifically designed for weddings and feature a flexible wiring and delicate strands of LED beads. Their flexible strings can be bent to fit around plants or centerpieces. Some of the battery-operated versions have a smaller footprint and require less power to operate. For your wedding table decorations, battery-operated fairy lights are an excellent choice.

Decorative lighting trends for weddings can be as extravagant or as simple as strands of fairy lights. If you’re planning a romantic night, consider draping string lights over the reception space and creating an atmospheric focal point above the dance floor. You can also consider hanging a large neon sign with your last name or a cheeky phrase. This trend is sure to gain popularity in the coming years.

LED strips

LED strips are an exciting new trend in wedding lighting. This type of lighting is ideal for weddings because it can transform any venue into an elegant one. These strips can be used to transform a dark backyard into a beautiful one by providing a soft, warm glow. You can wrap them around a tree for an outdoor seating area or around a pathway. They create a sun-like yellow or intense red glow. They are also great for indoors as well.

Another popular use for LED strips is in the bedroom. They are great for bringing a relaxing ambience to a room. They are perfect for highlighting DIY projects and creating a zen atmosphere. They can also be used on the back of dressers and headboards. They also look great along the edge of windows and can even be used on the back of a footer or bed. LED strips can also create dramatic effects when used on stairs.

Other uses for LED strips are in the dining area and the reception. They can be used under flower vases and behind a sheer backdrop. Personalized neon signs can also be used in the photo booth. Neon strips can be placed anywhere – they can be used to wrap centerpieces and line the aisles. They can even be used to write names on the dance floor! They are not just used for weddings – they’re also perfect for holiday parties, and they even make a great favor.

Marquee letter lights

You may be surprised to see how many ways you can use marquee letter lights at your wedding. You can create a dramatic backdrop for your top table with marquee light-up letters, or place them alongside your dance floor or cake table as a focal point. These lights are a stylish addition to any wedding, and they make for a great photo op, too. These lighting trends are not just for weddings though. You can use them to decorate other rooms in your home too.

One of the latest trends in wedding decor is marquee letter lights. They are beautiful and affordable and are a great way to give a space a vintage feel. They are also versatile and can match a wide variety of wedding styles and themes. Marquee letter lights can be DIYed and are a fun way to personalize your special day. You can even create a custom letter to fit the theme of your wedding, as well as personalize it to be uniquely yours.

Another fun trend is to decorate the bar area. You can make a marquee sign of a heart or another shape, so guests know where to go for drinks. Marquee lights are an excellent way to add instant chic and glamour to any space. A wedding reception would not be complete without a unique decor addition, so consider incorporating marquee lighting to this area of your wedding. It will be a wonderful way to make your celebration extra special for all of your guests.

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