How to Pull off Peplum

is all the rage right now. Fashion critics completely ate it up during this
season’s award shows. They oohed and awed over each one and soon after peplum
was everywhere. The great thing about this style is that there are so many
different ways it can be designed. This means no matter what your style is,
there is a peplum gown for you. The key is to know how to wear it so that you
can look fashionable and yourself on the big day. Here are some tips for when
you’re picking out which peplum gown best fits you. If your style is more
classic and low key then choose a plain skirt and pair this with a top that has
a belt, embroidery, or even a dramatic neckline. It will be subtle yet elegant
in a classic Hollywood way.

If your style is more daring and dramatic there are peplum
dresses for you too. Try pairing your peplum top with a tulle ball gown. You
don’t need to stick to the classic fit and flare style with your peplum either.
Explore different options like bubble or draped peplums.
When it comes down to it, this is your big day and you have
ever right to dress absolutely fabulously. You are the movie star on the red
carpet. Apart from the fact that they are so stylish and flattering, the great
thing about peplum is that you can really use it to show off who you are and
what your style is.
Congratulations on your engagement!
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