Breaking Tradition

            No matter how you slice it, a wedding is the most
traditional act to solidify the love between two people. That being said, there
are some ‘not so traditional’ ways to put a unique spin on your special day!
            One of the most drastic ways to stand out during your
wedding is with your dress. If you’re hoping to stray from the most
‘traditional traditions’, opting for a dress color other than white is a bold
and memorable option. The television show, Say Yes To The Dress has a plethora
of episodes that exhibit unique and exciting dresses for the brides that are looking
to push boundaries!
            Planning your ceremony in the morning will likely be less
expensive, and it also allows for an earlier reception time. This earlier
reception means one thing… Brunch! Hosting a brunch-themed reception is totally
untraditional, unexpected, and will do wonders for the pocket book.
            Floral arrangements are another element of weddings that are
fun and easy to put a unique spin on. Creating your arrangements out of plants,
ferns, leaves and vines are an excellent way to surprise guests, while also
providing a beautiful decoration. These arrangements are especially popular
during off-season weddings such as fall and winter!

            Weddings will forever have endless options and
interpretations, but deciding how far you want to go with the ‘traditional
route’ is completely in your control!
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