November Bride of the Month ~ Grace

JB and Grace met at the church where he proposed her, and where they will have their wedding.  They were members of a young adult group in that church, but had not had any conversation until they met each other at a friend’s birthday party.
“I even remember that date, it was Feb. 27, 2014, and that was the date we had our first conversation.  We met very often in March, and started our relationship on April 5th.  After one year, we had our first trip to Chicago and on April 5th of 2015, he and I promised our future together.  2 months later, he proposed to me at the church in front of all our friends and church members, and I said yes!”
They will have about 150 guests at their wedding,most of our guests being friends, church members, and colleagues.  The color scheme is red and blush pink with hints of gold.  It will be a Korean style of wedding ceremony with no bridal maids or best man, and they will also have a Korean Traditional Wedding (PyeBaek).

PyeBaek is an event after the wedding ceremony.  Most of time, the groom’s side of family will gather in one place and throw Korean dates and chestnuts.  This symbolizes children and blessings, so the family members will bless the couple saying, “We all hope you two have many kids and many blessings on your wedding day and for the rest of your life!”
“As you know, I am a design engineer and JB is a commercial department manager.  Since we both are in auto industry, I often get advises from JB since he worked this industry many years than I have.”

About Tracie,
“Since I am a full time office worker, I did not have enough time to contact and search vendors.
Tracie did amazing work for me.  She responded my questions and request so quickly, and helped me finalizing all wedding preparation.
Honestly, I hesitated to hire a wedding planner (especially as a full time wedding planner) because it looked like extra money on my wedding, but no regret at all and even tell all my friend to hire full time wedding planner.  She even attended my wedding vows (I had the wedding oath on July 2nd, and wedding ceremony on November 14, 2015).  It was so thoughtful, and I could see she really happy with my wedding vows too.
Not only as a wedding planner, but she really takes care of all preparation and wedding too.  I am so glad that I worked with Tracie for my wedding.  And not only just wedding itself, but working with Tracie will be a part of unforgettable memory of my wedding.”
Photo Credit: Inner Circle Photography 

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