Wedding Reception Music

Today we have a special blog post written by our friends at Joseph F Bauer Studios. If you are looking for a very talented cinemaphotographer please check out their website and facebook page. Joe has some tips on wedding music at your reception since he has been to countless wedding receptions.

1. Plan your music list with your guests in mind

Take the advice of your professional DJ when you are making your music list for your reception. If you have a good DJ and you give him/her the opportunity to do their job correctly by not being too restrictive in your music choices, you’ll have a better party. Be aware of the listening and dancing preferences of ALL of your guests when planning your wedding and you’ll have a more active party. It’s your DJ’s job to get people on the dance floor and keep them there. Let them do their job and you’ll have more fun. Sure, I know there are songs that you like and songs that you hate. That’s fine. Just keep your “Do Not Play” and your “Must Play” lists short. This is one area where over-planning is not good.

2. If you want a rockin party, the Bride and Groom must lead the way.

If you really want your guests to have a great time, lead the way! You are not only the guests of honor at your reception, you are host and hostess. The receptions that we’ve been to that really rocked had the bride and the groom on the dance floor most of the night. If you spend the night bellied up to the bar, so will your friends. Get out there and boogie…everyone will have a better time.

Joseph F Bauer Studios