So What If You Don’t Want a Big Wedding?

bride and groom on green grass field

Thousands, perhaps even millions of girls grow up planning their big day, and big is the key term here. When you

are younger and don’t consider money to be a vast determiner at all, you’re happy to go all out with decorations, venues,

surprises, and more. And you’re pleased about this. It’s what TV and movies have always told you your wedding should be like.

However, once you get older, you realize that it’s not quite that. For some, you might even want a wedding that is the entire opposite

of the Disney Princess template. So, you’ve got to consider how to have a wedding even if it isn’t a big one. 

Picking the Venue

The venue is a massive part of any wedding, but if you’re trying to keep things small, you can consider looking at affordable wedding venues

or even thinking further outside the box. 

There are plenty of other places you can select, whether they are local parks, the town hall, or even someone’s backyard (especially if it has

stunning views). These places won’t be as large as traditional large wedding venues, but you’re not looking for those, anyway. 

Ordering the Meals

No matter what anybody says, you’ve got5 to feed your guests, but when you’re trying to create a modest and intimate atmosphere, you don’t

want to splurge your budget on a sit-down, three (or even four) course meal. 

Typically, smaller weddings are all about those closest to you. These are the people you have your in-jokes and your quirks with. Because of this,

you have the freedom to create a menu that will appeal to you and your friends only. There’s no need for fancy gourmet plates, but instead,

how about a few pizzas and a buffet that will ensure everyone has enough energy for the after-party?

Selecting Decorations

A lot of brides worry about decorations and centerpieces, but these can cost a lot of money, even more than you would typically expect. 

Regardless of how small your wedding day is, you still need something to decorate the room, but you can do this at no or at least minimal cost. 

Try indulging in your creative spark and make your own decorations, but only as long as you’re not too stressed/ conversely, buying second-hand

or thrift store finds can give your wedding the quirky uniqueness that you’re looking for. 

What About the After Party?

Every wedding demands an after-party, but there’s no need to pay for a wedding DJ or band if you are only going to be surrounded by your nearest

and dearest. 

Instead, create a playlist, grab a speaker, and dance the night away to songs that you and your favorite people love. It may not be the traditional wedding

routine, but it’s one that is very much yours

The More Intimate, The Better

There is nothing wrong with a big wedding. It gives you the chance to get everyone from your past together to celebrate your love and your future.

However, such extravaganzas are not for everybody. If you get sweaty palms and the shakes thinking about planning a huge wedding, then perhaps

it’s worth considering how much better a small and intimate ceremony can be for you and your partner.

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