New rules for a Rehearsal Dinner

Once upon a time, all couples lived separately before they got married and engagements were only a few weeks long, so normally the rehearsal dinner was the first time both the bride and grooms parents could meet. Today, that is not always so, engagements are sometimes longer and sometimes couples may already live together. And while having a rehearsal dinner is still a nice way for everyone to catch up or reconnect, but if you are short on time or in a budget pinch, it’s okay to skip it.

These days, there aren’t many rules you have to follow to make a wedding a wedding (just sign on the dotted line). While it is always nice to have a welcome meal for out-of town guests, or your closest local friends and family for a nice pre-wedding dinner,  it comes down to what is logical for you. If you are a pre-wedding cocktails bar kind of couple, or a rehearsal lunch, picnic style couple, it’s your wedding. ~Becca


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