Rental Company Contract Tips

If you’re renting anything for your wedding, make sure the contract covers the following:
-When the deposit is due and how much is required. One-third to one-half down is common.
-When and where the goods will be delivered to the site. Make sure this corresponds with the window of time during which you have access to the site. Be specific about where the merchandise will be delivered and whether it will be unpacked and set up. Some companies charge different fees depending on the level of service involved in the delivery.
-When the rentals will be picked up. Again, make sure the timing agrees with your contract at the site.
-How the rentals should be prepared for pickup. Many companies want the dishes, glassware, and flatware washed and repacked in boxes and the linens shaken out and folded into one pile.
-Whether there is a delivery or pickup fee
-What kind of insurance they carry.
-What will you be charged if any items are lost or damaged?
-Detailed descriptions and numbers of every item your renting.
-Whether any overtime or extra charges apply to your proposed rental time frame. You may be paying extra if you want rentals delivered a day or two early or if you request a Sunday (instead of a Monday) pickup. Some of these extra charges are negotiable, especially if you’re placing a large order.
Article courtesy of “The Wedding Book” by Mindy Weiss
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