Don’t waste your flowers!

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After spending so much money on such beautiful flowers it would be a shame to waste them! One thing you could do with all the flowers is send them home with your guests. Encourage everyone to take some home. Give them to friends, family, and even the employees of the venue. Everyone loves having flowers! 
One way to pre-plan would be get flowers that you can plant afterwards. You could have some potted plants as centerpieces and take them home and plant them after the weeding. You can even have potted plants at the end of the isle, just put them in a cute pot and put some ribbon around the pot to make it look elegant. 
Another way to not waste flowers would be taking them to your loved ones that passed. It is common to bring flowers and to leave them next to people who have passed on. Instead of throwing these flowers away and buying new ones to put near the ones who passed make a day of going to everyone who has passed in you and your spouse’s lives and leave them flowers from your wedding.

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You can take a few flowers from your bouquet and hang them upside down to dry. Once they have dried out for about 2 weeks, upside down, put them into an ordainment. You can go online and find a clear ball ordainment and put the flowers in it. Put your ribbon for the bouquet on the bottom of it and place the flowers on top. You can even write your anniversary date on the ordainment and it can be special just for you and your spouse. 
A really cool thing would be to preserve your flowers! We recommend going to Lasting Memories Floral Preservation Holly, Michigan. They have always done an amazing job with our clients flowers. This is a way for you keep your flowers and have long lasting memories with them. 
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