4 Creative Ways to Use Flowers in Your Wedding


Incorporating flowers into your wedding in creative ways not only adds beauty but also infuses meaningful sentiment. Floral details provide romance while allowing you to express your style as a couple. From the bouquet to ceremony backdrops, flowers help shape the aesthetic tone of your special day. Here are 4 ideas for using flowers to elevate your wedding.

Cascade Bridal Bouquet

A cascade bridal bouquet is an ideal way to make a statement and enjoy gorgeous flowers on your special day. According to Jennifer Cole Florals, a cascade bouquet adds a little more flair compared to a standard bouquet, and it also gives you more options for customizations and personalizations.

Use a variety of flowers in shades of white, cream and pink cascading down for a romantic look.

The cascade bridal bouquet is a gorgeous way to incorporate flowers for a romantic, elegant look. Choosing a variety of blooms in soft hues of white, cream, and pink creates a feminine style that is perfect for a wedding. Roses, peonies, gardenias, and hydrangeas make beautiful focal points for a cascade bouquet. 

Ask your florist to artfully arrange the flowers to cascade downwards from the stems for a multidimensional, flowing look. The cascade style also allows your bouquet to be full and voluminous without being overly large or heavy. When carrying a cascade bouquet down the aisle or at the altar, the beautifully arranged blooms will cascade over your hands for stunning photos. The soft color palette also lends itself to a romantic vibe. 

Flower Crown

A flower crown is a breathtaking way for a bride to incorporate flowers into her wedding day look. Choosing blooms like baby’s breath, roses, ranunculus, or gardenias allows you to craft a gorgeous floral crown that can be nestled into your hairstyle, creating a beautiful hair accessory

A flower crown made of delicate white or blush flowers evokes an ethereal, romantic vibe. Your florist can wire the stems together to create a circular crown shape that sits gently on your head. 

It photographs beautifully, especially during shots taken from behind capturing the intricate floral design. For a whimsical feel, add trailing ribbons or lace. A flower crown accented with pearls or crystals can also add a hint of shimmer and elegance. 

Flower Wall

A vibrant flower wall makes a striking backdrop for wedding photos and creates an Instagram-worthy setting. Choose bolder shades like crimson reds, purples, or vibrant pinks over a focal wall or focal area of your venue. Gerbera daisies, dahlias, and roses arranged together in your colors of choice create a stunning display. 

Work with your florist to set up the flower wall in the ceremony or reception space to immediately capture guest’s attention. The arrangement can cover a whole wall or just a portion where you’ll pose for portraits. 

If setting up indoors, ensure proper lighting illuminates the wall. The bold colors will pop for photos, especially for candids of guests admiring the floral display. For extra romance, add dangling blooms, vines, ribbon, or install a flower swing. A vibrant flower wall backdrop steals the show while allowing you to save money on other decor elements.

Flower Chandelier 

A suspended flower chandelier makes a jaw-dropping focal point and adds drama to your reception space. Working with your florist, choose an array of lush blooms such as roses, peonies, orchids, or lilies that complement your color scheme. The arrangement can be round, tear-drop, or cascading in shape and should make a statement from above. 

Suspend the flowers from the ceiling with nearly invisible fishing wire so they appear to float. For romantic lighting, add candlelight at the center. The chandelier should hang above the dance floor or main dining tables so it steals attention. 

Guests will be wowed by the flower chandelier as soon as they enter the space. At night, uplighting on the arrangement will create a magical ambience. The floral chandelier adds an organic, lavish element while being an alternative to traditional lighting fixtures. Capturing photos underneath the elaborate suspended flowers results in dramatic, romantic images.


With couples spending an average of $2,400 on wedding flowers, it’s important to make sure you’re using them in ways you love. Hopefully one of these ideas inspired you on how you can incorporate floral elements into your special day!

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