Little Touches to Make Your Wedding Even Better

Our wedding is one of the biggest days of most people’s lives, and hopefully, you’ll only get one shot at it.
This means people put a lot of effort and thought into creating their idea of the perfect day. We all want a
wedding that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives, and that our guests will talk about for many years to come.

Creating a truly memorable experience requires attention to detail. Making your event personal and unique will
ensure you pleasantly surprise your guests and each other.

Pre-empt people’s needs

A little bit of thought can go a long way. Small touches, like providing tissues at the ceremony, can make a big
difference. If the temperature could drop as the night draws in, then provide blankets or pashminas to help keep
guests warm and comfortable. Also consider providing comfy slip-ons or flip flops for some guests, as spending
all night dancing in high heels can be murder on their feet.

The needs of your guests might be specific to your wedding. Try to put yourself into their shoes and consider the
parts of the day that might cause you a problem or discomfort, and then see if there’s any way you can lessen it
for them.

Don’t let boredom set in

The worst weddings are drawn out affairs where guests are wondering what the earliest time is they can politely
leave. There are plenty of things you can arrange to keep things moving at a good pace that will make the day
whizz by. Plan the length of different sections, such as speeches, toasts, ceremony, etc. More short and sweet
things will increase the pace over a couple of long-winded things.

Try to minimize the time between different parts of the wedding. This will stop large groups of people just hanging
around with nothing to do, creating the feeling that the day is dragging. A wedding DJ and a dance floor is one of
the most common forms of entertainment for the reception, however, dancing isn’t for everyone. Consider some
different types of entertainment to appeal to other guests, such as a table magician, or even a clown for your younger guests.

Don’t forget each other

Don’t become so consumed with worrying about everyone else that it prevents you from having a great day. You can include
a surprise sentimental gift to each other. Spend your budget on the things that matter to you. If the dress is really important,
don’t scrimp, the same with food and drinks. Also, when the day is done the one part of the proceedings that will stay with you
forever is your ring. Choose rings that you both love, or if you can’t find appropriate rings consider getting them made. Many
jewelers can create something truly unique and special.  For example, Tacori artisans can craft brilliant pieces that will remind
you of your magical day for a lifetime. Have as much input into their design as you can and you will love them as much as your
other half.

Including lots of personal touches specifically about you both will help to not only make it memorable but also provide some talking
points that help make it even more special. Whether it’s personalized napkins, song choices that are meaningful to you, or simply
sharing your story on a board or the back of the place settings, they all add up and help to set the tone.

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