Preserving Your Cake Top

It is tradition to save the top layer of your wedding cake for your one year anniversary, but what happens when you finally go to take it out and it’s more like a giant iceberg. This is a common thing when brides try to preserve the top layer but here are some easy steps to follow to make sure it doesn’t happen to you:

*Go Simple- If you intend on following this tradition when selecting your cake keep in mind what flavors will freeze well and which won’t. Cake with fruit fillings aren’t going to freeze as well as simple chocolate or vanilla

*Talk to your Baker- They can help you decide what will work best in order for you to save your top layer and know ahead of time your planning on doing so

*Plastic Wrap- Make sure the catering staff knows you are saving your top layer and appoint a family member or friend to take it and do the following: make sure to remove anything that is not edible, leave the cake in fridge or freezer over night so the icing hardens, wrap the cake tightly so you have about five layers of plastic wrap, then place in a zip-lock bag and make sure it is air tight then store in the freezer. DO NOT use aluminum foil this can cause freezer burn

*New Cake- If after a year your cake is freezer burnt or you just rather not eat a cake that has been sitting that long call your baker that made your wedding cake and have him recreate a small version of your top layer for your and your husband to share

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