Minty Fresh!

One of the hottest colors for 2013 is mint! First seen in homes and décor , mint is all the rage for next season. It is a very soft and inviting color. It can be used on just about everything! Invitations, décor, bridesmaid’s dresses, and much more! Mint is also a great flavor! Incorporate it into your appetizer menu or even a signature drink!

During the 1940’s and 1950’s mint was huge, it was seen in almost any home. As we have seen this past 2 years, many of the old color palates from those era’s are being reinvented and modernized. For weddings it is a great color for most seasons, including winter, spring, and summer. It is best paired with yellow, black, white, silver, pink, peach, and tan. This is sure to freshen up any bride’s big day!
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