5 Little Known Facts About Planning A Wedding in Troy, MI

            If you are planning on a wedding in or near the Troy area you may need to know some information! Troy is a beautiful city and a great place for any occasion, especially a wedding! There are so many choices and so many resources that you may not have to travel far for vendors! Use these 5 tips below to help you decide if Troy is the right place for you!
1.      There are over 20 venue locations, both indoor and outdoor located right in the heart of Troy that are booked on a regular basis.
2.      22+ restaurants for your rehearsal dinner
3.      Over 8 event and wedding planners (including You’re The Bride!)
4.      More than 16 individual catering services in almost any cuisine!
5.      Over 7 hotels and even a spa resort for you and your guests to enjoy after a long day!
So if you can’t decide on a venue or location check out Troy, MI for all your wedding needs!
For help planning your perfect wedding contact tracie@yourethebride.com or call 248-408-4602

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