Unique Engagement Rings under $2,000

A promising future. You can’t envision your life without her, so you have decided to propose. And since she is so special, she deserves the beautiful and meaningful symbol of your love since she is going to wear this engagement ring on her left hand for rest of your lives!
Selecting an engagement ring is a task as you have to know her taste if she prefers classic or unconventional, whether she is drawn to dainty styles or minimum simplicity. We, at Diamond Delight are here to help you buy that perfect engagement ring.


A three stone engagement ring symbolizes the couple’s past, the present, and the future! When you propose with our stunning 3 stone engagement ring, it will echo the love you have shared, the love you are sharing now and the forever love you will have for one another for the rest of your lives .A larger center stone sits high with the other two neighboring stones sit slightly lower than center stone, so that one diamond which represents today can shine more, but its fire is intensified with the sparkle of the past and the future. The three stone engagement rings allow you to get innovative, and there are many different styles to choose from. Meghan Markle’s engagement ring is the most popular example of 3 stone ring, it features a center cushion cut diamond accented by a diamond on each side.



Every love story is different and Halo rings are classic designs that are different but with stylish twist. Halo settings feature a centre diamond or gemstone surrounded completely by smaller accent diamonds creating halo around center stone for a dazzling look.  It makes center stone appear bigger. In quest for bling, the single halo ring has now been recreated into double and even triple halo rings. For larger center diamonds, split shank halo rings pulls the eye to the center. A Halo ring says, you are the Center of my world, the one above all others! This ring styles symbolize the special bond that exists between two people. Kate Middleton’s halo ring is most famous engagement ring. This halo ring simply oozes with a beauty and elegance that is simply timeless.




A Solitaire engagement ring is known for simplicity and is perfect for women who want classic and sophistication but want to still make a bold statement. The solitaire ring enjoys a high place in the most sought engagement rings with the diamond being the star to showcase its brilliance and dazzling beauty. For this reason, it is important to choose a diamond that balances size and quality within your budget and a shape that will help you to achieve the perfect balance.


Two stone engagement rings reflect everlasting love and friendship. Two stones rings are beautiful symbol of togetherness. In two stone engagement ring, both stones accent one another, and create a dramatically bold, stunning piece of jewelry that sparkles brilliantly.  As an engagement ring, each stone reflects a different part of the relationship. A two-stone ring is the perfect combination of style and romance. Whether the stones are round or any other shape, two stones cultivate a uniquely statement of style and sophistication. These unique two-stone diamond rings represents one stone to represent your love of your life – the other represents your love & commitment to them.


Pick one of our gorgeous engagement rings to promise your better half a forever.
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