Different engagement rings and finding which is best for me


Different engagement rings are available depending on your style and preference. If you’re a newcomer to the world of proposals and engagement rings, chances are the prospect of trawling through hundreds of styles to find your perfect ring sounds like a daunting task. We’re here to simplify it for you.

The setting of the ring is one of the most important stylistic features you must take into consideration. It’s not a case of one-size-fits-all with engagement rings, and factors like lifestyle and personal tastes will have a major bearing on which style is right for you. Below, we run through three of the most popular styles for modern engagement rings, as your search for the dream ring begins in earnest.



The solitaire style engagement ring is one of the most popular choices on the market, with a recent survey of 7,000 engaged women revealing 25% had received a solitaire engagement ring. This style features a single stone, typically supported by either four or six metal prongs. A solitaire ring will showcase the diamond as the centrepiece, with the round brilliant cut the most popular style. However, fancy shape diamonds can also be used in this particular setting, making this choice suitable for a range of different personal tastes.

The simplicity and elegance of this particular style makes it a popular choice for grooms-to-be seeking a classic design. Also, if you choose to invest in a high-quality diamond, the solitaire setting could be the perfect accompaniment, with this design allowing the jewel to take centre stage.

Whilst a solitaire ring could appear a cheaper option, you may find yourself needing to invest more in the diamond to get the full effect of this style. Since there are no more jewels around the central stone, a lower quality diamond will likely stand out more in this setting and detract from the elegance of the ring.

Furthermore, with most rings in this style being high set, it is easy to snag your ring on clothes or other fabrics, making it easier to sustain damage. If this is a particular concern, you might want to consider other options on the market.


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One slightly more garish alternative is the halo ring, so called due to its design which sees a central diamond surrounded by smaller pavé diamonds. This is another popular choice, thanks in no small part to the Duchess of Cambridge, whose famous engagement ring, previously owned by Princess Diana, is styled in the halo setting.

With this style being fit for a princess, there is no question that it appears a slightly more showy choice. However, having your ring in the halo setting could actually save you money on the diamond. Experts suggest that the central diamond could appear half a carat bigger than its actual size, giving you the freedom to opt for a smaller jewel without compromising on quality.

With the halo style being the flavour of the month for brides-to-be right now, it is likely that you won’t be the first to flaunt your sparkly halo ring on Facebook. Fortunately, if you wanted a more unique style to suit your personal tastes, the halo is easily adaptable, and it might be worth taking the time to personalise your ring so it’s truly one of a kind.



Most noted for its durability, the bezel setting offers a practical yet stylish alternative to some of the more extravagant styles. A full bezel design sees the central stone surrounded by a metal rim, leaving just the top of the diamond on show. Unlike the solitaire design, bezel rings won’t snag on clothes or other items, and are perfect for the more active woman, whose job or lifestyle might make the bezel ring the standout choice.

Furthermore, if you’re ring shopping on a restricted budget, the bezel style could allow you to compromise on the clarity or colour of the diamond. With just the top of the stone on show, the metal rim of the ring could cover any blemishes to make the clarity appear greater than it is.

There are some obvious drawbacks with this particular style. Due to the enclosed nature of the jewel, less light is allowed to shine on the diamond which can reduce the desired sparkle. With this being an obstacle to many who are drawn to the bezel for its practicality, perhaps you might consider a partial bezel design, which leaves the sides of the diamond on show.

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