Making Out of Town Guests Feel Welcome

Your out of town guests went to a lot of effort to come to your wedding, show them your appreciation by making them feel at home!

One way to do this is to reserve a block of rooms in the same hotel for all your out of town guests. This way they don’t have to worry about making travel arrangements. Also, many hotels offer group rates if you book multiple hotel rooms.

Also, make sure all guests have transportation arranged from the airport. Recruit friends and family members to pick up guests, provide them with rental car information, or arrange for a hotel shuttle.

Think about giving guests a welcome basket. Snacks, drinks, spa items, gift cards, menus for local food places, a city map, driving directions to the reception and ceremony, crayons and a coloring book for children, etc. You could also choose to leave them a thank you card.

Calling your guests and ensuring they arrived safely, and wishing them an enjoyable stay is an another great way to make them feel welcome.

One of the simplest things you could do is leave guests with a wedding itinerary. suggests including key times, locations, who is hosting, what to wear and so on for each activity. Let guests know about any free time they will have, and suggestions for how to fill it. Consider leaving them some brochures for local activities/attractions.

It’s fairly simple to make guests feel welcome, and they will definitely appreciate the gesture!


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