Perfect Maid of Honor Gifts

When selecting your Maid of Honor, you want to make it just as special as a proposal. As the bride you want to make sure you select someone close to you, someone who means the most to you. You might think this can be a hard decision to make since you may have more then one close friend. You want to make sure you can relay on this person when it comes to your big day!

When you have picked your Maid of Honor now it is time for the fun part. How do you propose to your Maid of Honor in a fun, cute and creative way! You can always call your friend and ask them or you can take these tips from You’re The Bride!

The most common way many brides are asking their friends to be their Maid of Honor is by painting their name on a wine glass. This is a great idea if you love wine and something you and your Maid of Honor can share for many years to come.

Another common gift is jewelry. Everyone loves jewelry so there is no way you can go wrong. You could get the piece engraved, or buy a locket and have your pictures in it together.

Still involving jewelry you could propose to your Maid of Honor. You could put a ring inside the box either a real ring, or ring pop candy. You could create the box in anyway you would like. Personally, I would have it tie into the theme I was having, vintage theme you could have a hat box. Modern theme you could have a box with a bow on top. You could have the box represent

 the colors you were thinking for your wedding. With this option you have so many different and creative way you could ask your Maid of Honor to stand next to you during your special day!

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