Bridesmaids versus Groomsmen: Who Does What for the Wedding?

A wedding is not only a happy occasion when two hearts unite legally and
spiritually. It is also a busy day that demands the time, effort, and patience
of everybody involved. So much in the wedding depends
on the entourage, whose presence and support can make the event an unforgettable one.
If you are a
first-time bridesmaid or groomsman, chances are you may be nervous and feel
overwhelmed with the looming task ahead. But there is no need to fret. You can
actually get through this in one piece and even enjoy yourself while you are at
it. After all, you signed up for this because of your love for the bride and
the groom.
To help you along
the way, check out the duties and responsibilities of bridesmaids and
Help Choose the Wedding Attire
Months before the
wedding, a whirlwind of activity will sweep the bridesmaids and the groomsmen
along. They are there to help plan the wedding as bridesmaids, especially if the
engaged couple did not hire the services of a planner.
One of the duties
of the bridesmaids is to help the bride in
finding her wedding gown. She may take them to dozens of boutique before she settles for the
perfect one. It is wise for them to be patient and generously give her their
As groomsmen, it
is also part of their duty to accompany the groom as he selects his tuxedo.
Although there are men who are not too fussy with their clothing, he may need
advice when it comes to fashion and choosing the right attire that will
complement the bride’s.
Organize the Bachelorette and Bachelor Party
With the maid of
honor and the best man taking the lead, bridesmaids and groomsmen are expected
to plan and execute the bachelorette and
bachelor party. This is usually done separately.
The bride’s party
usually involves dancing, parlor games, and opening a bottle of champagne. The
groom’s party usually goes for casinos or bars. It will involve drinking and,
sometimes, strip clubs.
Assist the Bride and the Groom on the Morning of the Wedding
The bridesmaids
sometimes change their attires and have their hair and makeup done where the
bride is staying. They are there to assist the bride as she gets dressed and
offer warm words when it gets emotional. They can also help in dressing the flower girls
and other younger members of the entourage.
The groomsmen, on
the other hand, must also be there for the groom. They can help him get ready
and calm him down if he is agitated, which is quite usual.
Support Crew and Glamour Squad
Of course,
bridesmaids are expected to be pretty and to make the bride even prettier. In
the church or the ceremony venue, they can assist the flower girls and ring
bearer as they line up before the wedding march. While the maid of honor does
the bulk of the work, like holding the trail of the bride’s gown and helping her
with the veil, the bridesmaids can also offer help by carrying the necessities
for a quick retouch and emergency medicine.
The groomsmen are
perfect gentlemen who are assumed to serve as ushers at the ceremony. They also
usually distribute the programs to the guests. It is also not uncommon for them
to make decisions and
arrangements with the vendor, a job that requires them to be clear-headed and sober.
Aid in Receiving the Guests
In the reception,
bridesmaids assist the bride and groom in thanking and receiving
congratulations from the guests. They are to make sure that the bride manages
her time wisely and can get to everybody.
typically escort guests, especially the elderly guests, into their designated
seats. They are also the elected ones to transport the wedding gifts to the
couple’s home.
The attendance of
bridesmaids and groomsmen is truly valuable. They fly or drive to the wedding
location, buy their own wedding attire, and lend a helping hand by doing their
duties as part of the entourage. That is why the bride and the groom reward
their efforts and give them tokens to show their warmest gratitude and
It is not simply
a token like gift cards or coupons. Etiquette dictates that the couple must
find remarkable and
gifts for groomsmen
and bridesmaids
that will let them know truly came from the heart.

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