Choosing Your Bridal Party And Finding Gorgeous Gowns: Dos And Don’ts For Every Bride

When you’re planning a wedding, the last thing you want is tension in your family and friendship groups and squabbles about dresses. Choosing your bridal party and planning your big day with your best girls should be fun, not stressful. Here are some simple dos and don’ts to make sure everything runs smoothly when you’re choosing and dressing your bridesmaids.


Think before you speak
When you get engaged, it’s easy to get carried away and start asking your best friends to be your bridesmaids. However, this is a decision you shouldn’t take lightly, so take time to think. Make sure you know exactly who you want to ask. If you’re having family members, it’s always wise to factor in both sides of the family to avoid excluding anyone. If you’re having friends, think about the consequences asking some and not others may have. In some cases, you’ll know straight away who you want. In other situations, making a decision can be much tougher. If you are asking some friends and not others, or you don’t want the entire family involved, talk to people. Explain your decision, and they’re bound to understand. It’s always better to let people know either way before they find out through other means. In the days of social media, news can travel fast, and it should come from you, rather than Instagram.

Try and be flexible
When it comes to choosing bridesmaid dresses, it’s always beneficial to be open-minded and flexible. You may be catering for a group of girls of different ages, shapes, and sizes. If you have a dream dress in mind, it might not suit everyone. It’s always best to try a few different styles and to ask your maids how they feel. You should go for a dress you love. But you should also make sure your party feels comfortable. If you have a large number of bridesmaids, going for different shapes and fits works well. You can tie in the theme with similar styles and colors. For ideas and inspiration, you may find sites like helpful.


Underestimate the importance of family
It’s up to you who you choose to include in your bridal party, but don’t underestimate the importance of family. Your family will be there for you through thick and thin, and a wedding is a great way of celebrating the love you all share for each other. You may have good friends but think carefully before you decide. Your core group of friends will probably be there forever. But very few people have a vast network of friends that will stand the test of time.

Buy without trying
When you’re shopping for dresses, avoid the temptation to buy without trying. Dresses look completely different on a hanger, and the style and shade may not suit everyone. If you do order online, for example, check the returns policy first. If you fall in love with a dress that doesn’t suit everyone, consider mixing things up. You don’t have to have the same dress for everyone. Often, going for slightly different gowns can add a unique touch to your bridal party. Check out for styling tips.

In the run-up to your wedding, you want to spend your time having fun and creating memories with your favorite girls. Follow these tips to prevent unwanted arguments and find the perfect dresses for your big day.  

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