Easy Ways To Make Your Wedding And Honeymoon Uniquely Yours…

There are those of us who like to think that we’re a bit more creative than most people. We like to do things differently. To make things ours and inseparable to us. Can be true in fashion, in our tastes and more definitely when it comes to our wedding. Here are a few ways we can do that.

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Where to have the ceremony
One of the biggest decisions that any couple is going to make about the wedding is where to have it. The chances are that most locations you’ll look at will have seen weddings before you. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find those locations that add a drop of uniqueness to your proceedings. There are all kinds of places for all kinds of couples. You might want to get married somewhere rustic, surrounded by nature. Or down by the sea. Even midair. Don’t feel like you have to stick to the usual arrangements or a church or hotel.

Do it yourself
Planning a wedding in every detail can be an exhausting affair. But for some people, hiring professionals for certain tasks just isn’t enough. There’s a lot in the wedding that you can take care of yourself. Menu designs. Floral arrangements. The little bits and pieces that make up the décor. Doing it this way is going to take a lot more organizing, of course. For that reason, it’s best to get preparing a lot further away from the wedding than usual. However, if you want your wedding to fit you to a tee, customizing it can be the perfect way.

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Tell your story
One of the most romantic ways to make a wedding all the more personal is by telling the story of you and your betrothed. Wedding slideshows are a great idea use to do this for excellent effect. However, you might want to switch it up as to how you present it. For example, think about hosting it before you arrive at the altar, instead of at the reception. Just imagine it as a heart-warming build up to the crescendo of the ceremony. Not another thing keeping everyone from their dinner.

The honeymoon
A lot of people will want to have the traditional honeymoon. Jetting or driving off to some sunny beach to relax and be pampered. However, that’s just not us for a lot of people. If you want something different, by all means take it. It might just be a secluded staycation in a lodge near a ski resort. Could be getting yourself an RV and driving to wherever takes your fancy. It could even an adventurous holiday with balloon rides and kayaking and all sorts. Do whatever fits you as a couple, not just what you’re expected to.
From the place to the décor and what we present. Even as far as the kind of place we decide to go on our honeymoon. We don’t want it to be the same as everyone else’s. We want to make it unique.

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