See your Groom Before the Ceremony?

You know the tradition of “its bad luck to see your fiancée in your wedding dress before walking down the aisle”. Well, did a survey and it revealed that many couples who decided to wait until the ceremony to see each other would’ve preferred to have the inevitably emotional experience in private rather than in front of all of their guests.

Now days, couples are allowed to personalize their wedding in what ever way they like. This means that yes, you can spend every minute with your groom before the ceremony, or have a private ‘revile’ that your photographers can capture. Some couples are even doing all their photographs before the ceremony. This allows more time to take photos then, and also gives you time to remember any photos that may have been skipped. Not only then you aren’t stuck having to miss appetizers and cocktails.

Here is a “First Look” moment between former clients Cyrus and Cindy this past July at their wedding we coordinated at Bay Pointe Golf Club in West Bloomfield. Considering Lilies Photography captured the moment!