Creative Proposal Idea Printables


Are you planning to propose to your partner? Why not surprise them with something that incorporates their favorite hobby, cuisine, or beloved pet! From romantic indoor ideas to adventurous activities, there are plenty of ways to consider. Using these tips and free printables from Zola, here is a list of creative proposal ideas to try!

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Instead of going out, why not create an intimate date night at home? You can hire a chef to cook you and your partner a lovely meal, or plan to have a romantic movie night with candles and popcorn.  

To surprise your partner, consider printing out several love quotes from romance novels and famous poets to decorate the living room. Once your partner enters, they can follow the trail of love quotes to the engagement ring!

Download Love Quotes

Indoor Proposals

scavenger hunt proposal

Favorite Hobby Proposal Ideas

What does your significant other like to do? Incorporating their favorite hobbies into the marriage proposal will be the best surprise! 

For example, if your partner loves games, you can put together a fun indoor scavenger hunt with clues around the house of where you hid the ring. The last clue will lead her or him to the hidden engagement ring box.

If your partner is a bookworm, they’ll never suspect you popping the question in their favorite book! Side in one of these bookmarks for the surprise of a lifetime. 

Download Bookmark Proposal

Playful Proposal Ideas 

Is your partner a dog mom or dad? Get their beloved pup involved on the proposal! You can download this collar sign to attach to the dog’s collar. You can also create a cute paw print card using non-toxic ink pads. Write your proposal message on the inside of the card signed from both you and the pup!

We hope these ideas help spark some creativity in your plans. If you need additional help with the surprise, our experienced proposal planners can create something special for you both! 

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For help planning your perfect engagement proposal please reach out we would love to help! Visit a special proposal love story of a real couple here.

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