Unique Ways To Give an Engagement Ring


So you are ready to get engaged and you’ve bought an amazing engagement ring, but now you need to hand it over special moments in life don’t just happen because we create them and your engagement is going to be one of the most special times of your life especially if you are the person asking.

You have already gone the distance in understanding diamond color, cut and clarity, and now you have the in ring in your hand. Are you ready to ask them to marry you? And are you ready to really put a ring on it? If so, you might want to think about how you’re going to pop that question. One of the biggest things to consider before you do anything is to know your fiance inside and out. For example, if you know that they would be mortified by a public proposal then any ideas below that do surround public proposals should be ones that you stay away from. However, if you know that they want to celebrate and tell the whole world at the same time, then a public proposal may be the best thing that you do. Proposals should be unique to you two as a couple, so here are some suggestions of the unique ways that you can give an engagement ring.

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  • Use a treasured pet. Pets show that you are committed to the future and if you already have a pet together then this has already been done for you. However, you can tie the box to a ribbon and put it on your pet’s collar and ask your pet to come to you when you want them to. When you reveal the pet, it will show that your commitment to a life forever in the best way possible and especially if you’re significant other has been in love with their pet for a while.
  • Set up a treasure hunt. Planning an exciting treasure hunt with your fiance’s friends is really going to help you to make this a unique experience. You do not have to be a part of that treasure hunt, but you could be the treasure at the end with the ring waiting for them. The last thing you want to do is leave an expensive engagement ring somewhere in a city for somebody else to find. Get her friends involved in the hunt and make sure that they make a day of it.
  • Do it on the water. Whether you do this on a boat or a paddle board is completely up to you, but a secluded private rowboat gives that Little Mermaid vibe. And if she’s a Disney freak, then you’ll love to do this one. It doesn’t have to be a big flashy deal, it can be secluded and private, but you could hire a professional photographer to snap your pictures from a distance.
  • For a party. Whether it’s because of the summer or because of Christmas, you could throw a party for your family and friends and use that time to bend, bend down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage. Not only will you have gotten her friends and family involved, she would have had a great time partying with you all together and having fun and laughing. What better memories could you make?

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