Why Wedding Day Videography is Important, Guest Blogger: Tony of TONE-eFILMS



I’m always amazed when brides and moms tell me how much energy they put into planning the wedding. Hours and hours on the linens, the flowers, the caterer. Not to forget the wedding dress stress. When I ask who is going to shoot the event, they may say, “Oh, my fiancée has a friend with a camcorder…” or “We’re just going to have a photographer take pictures…” or “We’re still thinking about it.”

I suppose it’s easy to get caught up in the planning minutiae and not realize that your wedding video is the single most important thing you’ll plan. Why? Because in your wedding video lives all the love and joy you felt in those few precious hours. And really, it’s not about the poses you struck for a picture, but the glances you gave each other that’ll tell the touching story of that wonderful day.

What a gift to give your children and their children. A chance to say, “Look at the love we have in our family. Look where it came from.” Pictures can’t do that. Amateur videographers can’t do it. Many of the pros can’t do it either. But we at TONE-e FILMS know how to capture all the emotions of your day. After nearly 20 years of documenting brides and grooms in love, the only thing we don’t catch is the bouquet.

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