How to Do Your Wedding a Little Differently


A lot of people have dreams of making their wedding unique and memorable. They don’t want their wedding to look just like the five other weddings their friends and family have attended recently. This feeling can be amplified during a time when it seems like all of your friends are getting married at once. The truth is that your wedding is always going to be more important to you than to your guests. It’s likely they won’t remember a lot of the smaller details, like what flowers you choose. But you can still ensure your event is enjoyable and memorable by doing things a little differently.

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Choose a Unique Location

There’s no denying that the location of your wedding makes a huge difference when it comes to making it unforgettable. The venue sets the scene and provides the backdrop for the rest of your wedding. Your choice of location is the first thing you can consider if you want your wedding to be different. There are so many different wedding venues that can help you to start designing the wedding of your dreams. You can pick something fairly conventional or traditional, or you could try looking for something a little more out there.

Pick a Wedding Theme

Creating a theme for your wedding can be a great way to start getting your creative juices flowing. Wedding themes can be based on a range of things, whether it’s a particular period of history, a certain aesthetic, or your favorite movie. The theme could be subtly woven through your wedding choices or it could be more obvious. Some people even ask their guests to dress up in an outfit that matches the theme of the wedding (although it’s best not to make it obligatory). As well as making your wedding unique, it will make it personal to you. 

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Image from Pixabay – CC0 License

DIY Your Wedding

An increasing number of couples are choosing the DIY route for at least part of their weddings. Sometimes it’s due to budget constraints or it might be a rejection of expensive wedding culture. Either way, doing it yourself is certainly a way to make your wedding more unique. You have control over what your wedding looks like, and you can find plenty of ideas to inspire your wedding choices. Of course, doing things yourself requires a bit more effort. But it’s worth it if you want to save money and create a memorable wedding.

Make It All About Your Guests

Your big day is supposed to be all about you as a couple, and the start of your marriage. However, it’s not just about you. If it were, you would just elope and not bother inviting anyone else. You want your friends and family to share the day with you, and not just so you can show off. If you really want your guests to enjoy the wedding, make it just as much about them as it is about you. Look after them well and they’ll remember your wedding for the right reasons.

When you want to make your wedding unique, look for ways to do things differently and make your wedding special for everyone.

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