Green Brides: How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Although there’s no point in waging war against everything that isn’t perfectly green, you can still make sure your big day is friendly towards Mother Nature. From the venue you choose to the wedding invitations you send out, everything can be made a bit more sustainable when we just put our minds into it.

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Here is a quick guide to planning and hosting an eco-friendly wedding, so that you can start your marriage off the right way.

The greenest venue

It should come as no surprise that the perfect venue for a wedding like this is right outside. Nature uses no electricity; you have the sun to guide you through the different stages of the day, so plan the reception according to this so that your guests get to admire the scenery bathed in perfect light.

You can choose among so many great outdoor venues and botanical gardens, really, and autumn makes for an even more beautiful day outside.

If getting married outdoors isn’t really for you, no matter how much you love nature, you can still pull off an eco-friendly wedding inside. Just make sure everything is held in one place so that nobody needs to travel anywhere – it’s more convenient and even green, so there you go.

Wedding invitations

Most wedding invitations still happen via mail and they’re often made of regular old-school paper. You have a couple of options if you want to invite your guests without feeling guilty about those trees, though; paperless, for example, is a very green alternative and it will cost you next to nothing as well.

Sending out invitations with snail mail is still alright if you want to keep it traditional, and you can actually make it a bit more sustainable by using recycled paper. Just keep your eyes open for it in the shop – and if you want to go all out, you can treat your guests to one of those plantable invitations from Botanical Paperworks they can bury in their backyard afterward.

The dress

A wedding dress should be beautiful and the perfect fit, but it doesn’t have to be brand new if you don’t mind the idea of re-wearing a gown. What about your mother’s or somebody else that you’re close with? It’s typical to dismiss this if the dress isn’t just the way we imagined, but remember that you can always have some work done on it to make it more uniquely you.

The rings can also be sourced from sustainable companies, by the way, and it’s the kind of eco-friendliness you’ll be wearing for a full lifetime. Have a look at Brilliant Earth for a collection of compassionate rings and diamonds.

And if you don’t want to wear your mother’s or sister’s wedding dress but still don’t mind if you’re re-using one, you can have a look at this website as well for a full list of places where you find and rent used gowns. That way, you get to browse a bit as well.

When you care deeply about the environment, you want it to shine through in everything you do. A wedding should be no different – and it’s so easy to make it a whole lot greener than what’s traditional by simply choosing to reuse and recycle.

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