Unique Wedding Send Off Ideas

Are you planning rice or bubbles for your send off? Why not try something new to make your send off different than all the rest. There are so many choices these days to make you send off fun and unique that you can leave the rice and bubbles behind.

If your wedding is at nighttime sparklers are the perfect send off. The add a magical feel to the grand exit and look beautiful in pictures.

 My personal favorite is the idea of throwing lavender instead of rice. It smells wonderful and is perfect for spring and summer weddings. Just think about how amazing it will be to smell lavender later in your marriage and remember how happy you were in that moment when you walked out of your wedding as a married couple.

 A colorful and fun way to exit your wedding is by using sprinkles instead of rice. Its such a great alternative to rice because it is a similar consistency to rice but with more color.

 Who needs bubbles when you can have balloons? This idea is for your guest to all get helium filled balloons and then when you walk by them they let them go into the air. This send off is super unique and everyone will remember it for a long time after your day is over.

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Picture Credits: 
Amy and Stuart
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