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Wedding Guest Book Ideas for your Detroit, Michigan wedding reception Detroit Wedding Reception Rentals. There’s only a number of ways to cherish your special day. Traditionally, couples set up a station in the front of the entrance where guests are welcomed to sign the guest book. In the event of after the reception, this guest book is tucked away in a bookshelf to never be looked at again. 

Alternate and Unique

However, alternate and unique ideas of guest books provide the opportunity to personalize and get creative with the guests. It inspires an interactive, memorable moment, allowing a fun experience with the guest book. 

Below are a few examples of alternate guest books to help bring the wedding fun to life!

Starting off with some hands-on action, forming a quilt is a perfect moment for the guest to get personal and show off their individuality. The quilt is perfect for a homemade gift because it can be a throw blanket in the living room, or something useful overall. This crafty idea creates a total core memory of the wedding day and reception. Super easy set up as well! All you need is to set up a sewing table, for the aesthetic, with pieces of fabric and pens for guests to sign and leave messages for the couple. As the day wraps up, collect the squares and sew them up to create this quilt.

Another craft moment is to create a modern calendar where guests are able to sign and leave messages on pages. This way, as you go through the first year as newlyweds, there is warm encouragement and notes, allowing you to savor your wedding day for the whole year. In addition, this is something that will constantly be used. 

Fun Twist

guest book ideas

A fun twist on the guest book is to personalize a Jenga set. This will serve as a sentimental piece and a core use in game night. When playing this game, the newlyweds will both be sure to reminisce over their perfect wedding day. With a blank set of the blocks, have the guest sign their name and write a note all over a single block. For more fun, there are also the mega pieces to have an involved and even more personal note!


Another exciting alternative is to go with polaroids. Ditch the book, and encourage guests to add their personal touch with polaroid films and include a note! This is perfect for scrapbooking as well. Have guests take a page or section, take the photo, stick it to a page with scrapbooking tapes, etc and write a personal note. This way, you can put names to faces of the day, remembering that night. 

wedding guest book ideas

Although there are so many more ideas, these are a few that can spice up the night and add originality. It makes the night more memorable and interactive for everyone. Straying from tradition adds fun and personality allowing guests to have a better enjoyment. Get creative!

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