Wedding Dress Trends 2021


Wedding dress trends 2021 are something to talk about. 2020 put a complete halt to weddings, but 2021 was a year in which weddings started to come to life again. There are a lot of wedding trends from 2020 that came along into 2021, such as smaller weddings due to Covid-19. And along with that, a larger appearance of simple, comfortable dresses with unique, outstanding details. Bride, keep on reading to find out about three common 2021 wedding dresses trends that you will simply love! 

Statement Shoulders

This is where the 80’s come back in style! Wedding dresses look simple, yet have an extra touch added to make them stand out. The magical added touch are statement shoulders. With this type of dress, you will definitely capture everybody’s eyes with puffy or tulle shoulders and it will make your wedding dress stand out incredibly. If you’re wedding a sleeveless dress, you can still make a stunning appearance with a sparkly shoulder necklace. Follow Harry Winston’s quote “People will stare. Make it worth their while.” 

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Two In One 

This trend guarantees comfortability and flexibility for the bride’s special day. Comfort is a common and huge word during 2021 because people want comfort in everything 100%. An overskirt can give volume and extra detail to the dress during the ceremony and then can be taken off during the reception to be able to dance and enjoy the night away! Then, you will have an assortment of pictures with two different looks. How amazing is that? Another great option is the detachable puffy or lace sleeves which can be used to give warmth and then taken off when it gets too hot. Ooh and you can’t forget the detachable cape or lace jacket that can give a breathtaking look! 

Bohemian and Cottage Core 

This trend gives off vibes from Juliet’s wardrobe of dresses from Romeo and Juliet. How romantic and natural, especially on a wedding dress! These dresses are usually long and flowy with lots of tulle for an airy and heavenly look. This is perfect for a spring or summer outdoor wedding with pictures taken in the fields or grass around nature and flowers. To add the cherry on top, this wedding dress is perfect for a bohemian wedding which is a trending word in 2021. The lace bell sleeves and free spirited dress along with pampas grass and trees in the background makes a perfect combo!

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