7 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding in Detroit


For those of you out there trying to stretch your wedding wallet these are some
really great tips for you! Many of you have some sort of budget to stick to and
there are ways to stay within it or even dare I say under it? You’re The Bride
has come up with some great money saving tips just for you!
Prioritize your wedding details. Before you start looking for venues, dresses, and cakes sit down with your significant
other and prioritize your wedding. Which things are most important to you and
will they fit in the budget? This will make your decisions much easier!
Time and Location. If you don’t have your heart set on a certain season this will be much easier. There are wedding lows and highs
the lowest part of the seasons are mid October- March. Prices for venues and
vendors are much lower during these months of the year. 
Limit your guest list. If your budget is tight make sure you invite only the people you know will come. Don’t invitee
that friend from college that you were kind of friends with. Most likely they
won’t show and you will be out money on food. 
Set the mood. If you can choose a venue that is already beautifully decorated and doesn’t need a lot of additional decorations
you will save a lot on flowers and other décor. Places like a garden or museums
are perfect!
Dump the Drink. A cash bar is more than likely to upset your guests; after all they already spend gas and money on a gift. A cheap
alternative is to provide your guests with just a beer and wine bar. If they
want liquor they can purchase that. You can also just make open bar for a
limited amount of time. Instead of 6 hours try 3 with the bar closed during
Paper Products. Unless it’s your mom, dad, grandparents, or you most people aren’t going to keep the invitations you send out. Don’t splurge
on the invitation, RSVP, and announcement stationary. Plus you will end up
saving some trees! 
The Dress. Now we know you want your dream dress to be perfect in every way shape and form, but splurging on a dress you will
wear for one day when money is tight is not a good idea. Just because the dress
costs less doesn’t mean it’s cheap. There are many bridal salons that sell
gently used dresses or sample size dresses at discounted prices. As an added
bonus you are eliminating landfill materials!
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