The Perfect Ring

You’ve waited your whole life, and now you’re just wondering
when he’s going to drop to one knee, pop the question while holding the little
black box with THE ring. This is the ring you’ve been dreaming of, the ring
that makes your heart pump out of your chest just from looking at it, the ring
that symbolizes your love with your person.
You look down at the diamond in awe, and maybe you drop to
your knees too. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for and dreaming of. After
he gives his speech of how much he adores you and how he wants to spend the
rest of his life with you (let’s be real though, you probably can’t even hear
him over your hysteric crying), he slips the ring on your finger. Your body
shakes with excitement, and you can’t take your eyes off that sparkling rock
that is now forever yours.
Whether you went ring shopping and this was the exact ring you
asked for or your future husband surprised you with a little touch of his own,
it’s perfect. This is your ring, the ring that will always be yours. The best
part is, no one will ever be able to take the ring or this moment away from
you. Keep starring; it will always sparkle!
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