Tips on Making Your Wedding Luxurious Without Spending A Lot


A typical wedding costs a fortune. From engagement rings to the wedding reception and honeymoon, couples have to pay to make their special day extra special. 

But, here is the good news! With a little bit of research and cleverness, you can save thousands of dollars on your big day. Luckily, we’ve compiled all the tips you need to know in one article. So, here are some ingenious ways to plan a luxurious wedding on a budget. 

Take Your Precious Time

A long engagement gives couples the time to do proper research, find the best deals, but also book early. 

Whether you’re picking up discounted silver or gold decorations during the holidays or buying lower-priced flower girl outfits after Easter, you need to be strategic. You must know when and where to purchase things from.

Make Your Dates Flexible

Many people don’t understand this, but you need to research what time of the year people hold weddings the most. A Saturday in June will definitely cost you, so you need to choose your dates wisely. Consider alternative days like a Thursday, Friday, or Sunday; this can save you up to 30%, especially when you plan to wed in November or between January and March.

Choose A Unique Venue

Everything starts with the venue. Ensure you select a venue with character so that you won’t have to break the bank on decorations. Think towards the direction of botanical gardens, heritage homes, and art museums.

Make it Exotic

Instead of the regular monotonous wedding, why don’t you consider a destination wedding or elopement? This will cut down your guest list so you can allocate more money to your venue, meals, and other miscellaneous activities. The best part about it is elopement photographers do most of the planning so you save money on a wedding coordinator.

Skip Sit-Down Dinners

Sit-down dinners can rack up the bill in no time. In lieu of a sit-down dinner, why don’t you consider a chic cocktail reception with a small crew of butlers serving appetizers on serving trays? You will save on total cost per person and an entire catering staff.

Choose a Brunch Menu

Even if you so badly want a sit-down meal, there are still ways you can save some money. With a brunch menu, you can save much more compared to a standard dinner fare. Sometimes, you can even negotiate the price of the venue beforehand to save additional costs.

Know Your Flowers

Almost every flower you want for your wedding ceremony has a less expensive version. For example, if you like peonies, try ‘vintage roses’ or ‘cabbage roses.’ They look similar, but they are less expensive. In other words, almost every flower has a doppelganger, so be sure to do research before purchasing costly flowers.

Follow a Color Scheme

This is one secret to hosting a grand wedding that not many know about. Every luxury wedding has one thing in common – a color palette. You can either do your research online or let your wedding planner select two or three colors and stick with them. It is an effortless way to add luxury to your wedding ceremony without breaking the bank on decorations – and it makes for good photographs!


There is a deluge of tutorials online for how to DIY just about everything for your big day. From wedding invitations to centerpieces, you can hold a little gathering of your craftiest friends in your home to help. It would sure be a fun experience.

Skip the Full Bar

Having a fully-stocked open bar would take a toll on your credit card, so why don’t you skip the full bar and serve wine instead. You can also serve a signature drink that is in line with the color palette or theme of the ceremony.

Cake Swap

If you want a fairytale cake, but your budget can’t cover it, there are other ways to go about it. Ask your baker to bake an actual lower tier for you then the rest of the tiers can be made with Styrofoam and fondant. After cutting the cake, your catering team can serve up sheet cake with similar colors from the kitchen, and your guests won’t notice a thing.

Sell and Trade

The work is not done yet after you’ve completed the ceremony. In order to fully maximize profit, take stock of your inventory and see what you can trade or sell on sites to make some of your money back. From wedding dresses to linen and décor, you’ll indeed find a bunch of stuff to sell.

To Wrap It Up

Most couples are scared of the cost associated with weddings, but it’s really not that big of a deal. Just remember to start planning long beforehand and try to save even the smallest amount in any aspect of your wedding planning. The small costs you save will make a massive difference in the end and can even save you thousands.

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