Guest Blogger: Nicola Joseph, 3 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Pre-Wedding Spa Package

 Booking a spa package is the perfect way to prepare for your wedding.
Spa treatments can help anyone wind down, de-stress and feel at their best
before their big day. Whether you want to treat your friends to a relaxing time
or take some ‘me-time’ on your own, choosing the right spa package is key. So
what should you look out for when booking a pre-wedding spa package? Here are three
little-known factors to look for. How many had you considered?

#3. Price And Service Don’t Always Go Hand In Hand

If you are looking for the most luxurious spa experience money can buy, booking
a spa package at a swanky downtown hotel may not be your best bet. High prices
don’t equal high service. While a spa package at a luxury hotel may command a
price tag of $500 or more, the majority of the cost will go towards overheads
such as rent or commission to the hotel. The National Association of Massage
Therapists (NAMT) point out that a spa in a
cheaper location may be able to provide the same level of service for much less
due solely to lower overheads. This is clearly something to bear in mind when
choosing a pre-wedding spa package. Every penny helps!

#2. Alcohol Isn’t Always On The Cards

For some people, having a glass of champagne is the ultimate in relaxation,
especially for a pre-wedding spa package. The second little-known factor that
could affect your wedding preparation is that not all spa packages include
alcohol. In fact, it surprises most brides-to-be that in some spas, alcohol is
strictly forbidden. This gets quite confusing. While most spas serve champagne
with either fruit or chocolate as part of their spa packages, others will
insist that guests pay extra for private rooms in which alcohol can be
consumed. Some spas include alcohol as an optional extra. This advice applies
equally to people who don’t want alcohol and want to book their package
somewhere where they won’t be surrounded by people drinking.

#1. Indoor And Outdoor Packages Are Radically Different
Most brides are aware that an increasing number of spas are starting to offer
outdoor massage packages. If you haven’t been to a spa in a while, you would be
forgiven for thinking that a massage on a rooftop patio is exactly the same as
an indoor spa. However, the luxury of being stretched out on a lounger,
enjoying the city skyline actually entails an entirely different spa experience
compared with having an indoor treatment. Many spas convert their rooftops into
heated, shaded hideaways for spa packages including outdoor fires, heated
tables and glowing rocks. This could see you having a completely different set
of options to what you were expecting such as a hot stone massage.


So, there you go – three little known factors that could affect your
pre-wedding spa package. If you are planning on treating yourself to a spa package in downtown Vancouver
before your wedding, bear these three factors in mind. 
They could help you choose the perfect venue to unwind in

The author
of this post is Nicola Joseph,
a freelance blogger. She’s an avid reader and
enjoys cooking for her family.

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