Tips For Your Wedding Dress Photos

Your wedding day has finally arrived! Make-up is done, hair is pinned, mimosas are gone… what’s next?
You finally get to wear the dress you’ve been dreaming about. But before you get dressed, your photographer
will want to snap some pictures of your dress on your own. Your wedding dress is one of the most memorable
details of your wedding day. You will want some photos that make your dress the star of the image.
We’ve gathered some tips from professional wedding photographers to make sure you and your wedding
dress are camera ready all day long!


The space that you get ready in makes all the difference for your pre-ceremony dress photos. If your venue
has large windows with lots of natural light, you can be sure that your dress photos will be magical.
You can also utilize barn doors, a chandelier, a grand staircase, or any other unique features that your
pre-ceremony space has.

You can also enhance the photos with additional details like personalized hangers, laying out your jewelry,
or pairing your heels with your gown. 

The dress is not the only focus though! Photographers love to capture the bride’s giddy expression just
moments before she puts on her dress.


Know every detail about your dress before your wedding day! Asking your gown shop details regarding
fabrics is essential. Choosing a dress with wrinkle resistant fabrics may make your wedding morning
a little less hectic. While, knowing if your dress can be steamed or ironed means you can be prepared
with a mini iron if any wrinkles form. 

Bonus tip: Ask your dress consultant the proper way of getting into the dress. Some dresses are better
to step into, while others slide down the easiest. 
Use Caution

Your wedding dress is definitely one of the costliest purchases of your wedding day. That is why it is best
to use caution so it stays picture perfect all day, and for years to come. 

  • Carry a bleach pen in case of emergencies. Again, talk with the dress
  • shop to make sure the color is safe.
  • Use a deodorant and antiperspirant to keep you and your dress
  • fresh – especially important for warm days.
  • Keep your dress protected in a garment bag whenever possible.
  • Ask your florist to recommend flowers that won’t stain dresses or to
  • remove any pieces that might.
  • Do your makeup before getting into the dress. Carry a drape cloth,
  • towel or button up shirt to protect your dress during touchups.
  • Sip clear or light colored drinks – save the wed wine for another day.
  • Assume that all doorways, benches and other surfaces have dirt on them.
  • Use caution as you move throughout the day.
  • Purchase a few yards of similar fabric if you love the look of seated
  • pictures but want to avoid mess.

Have Fun
Most importantly, realize that your dress may get a few spots on it. Don’t let that ruin your wedding day!
You day is about marrying your best friend, everything else is just the icing on the cake. Enjoy your time with
your new spouse, your family, and friends. 

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