Are you one of those honored guests who have been asked or are obligated to give a speech at someones wedding or dinner? Or are you having trouble coming up with the right words? Don’t worry lots of people do! Not to mention the stage fright and nerves that come with. However, with these few simple tips you will be on your way to giving a great speech at the wedding! And are sure to bring lots of smiles and laughs to the happy occasion!
1.      Be creative- don’t be afraid to tell a funny or embarrassing fact to open up! It brings in the crowd and by the time you get to the serious part everyone will be delighted! 
2.      If you’re nervous about speaking alone do it with another guest/friend.
3.      Add a special touch by creating a video montage or PowerPoint to go along with your speech. Also gives the guests a visual interest too!
4.      Don’t drag on the story. Rehearse your speech, and try to keep it under 3-5 min long. The ideal time is about 3 min, but for montages a little longer is acceptable. Guests don’t want your entire childhood history. 
5.      What to talk About? Unsure about what to say here are some ideas!
·         How you met the bride and groom
·         What do they mean to you and your life
·         Tips on a happy marriage
·         Special people in the couples life
·         Milestones in their lives
·         Describe their different characters (be funny!)
·         Wish them the best
·         Thank all guests for coming
6.      Do NOT get drunk before your speech. Guests cant understand you if your drunk and slurring your words. Plus it would be really embarrassing if you fell down or puked on the happy couple. However, a quick shot before to calm your nerves is fine. 
7.      Don’t roast the couple. Steer away from touchy subjects or mistakes they have made in the past.
8.      Be genuine- say what you mean and mean what you say. Your speech will be received better if it has heartfelt emotion and the bride, groom, and guests can feel your honest and true intentions. 
9.      When talking into the microphone its best to keep it about the length of your index finger to your pinky. This will ensure your words are clear and you don’t muffle the speaker. Plus no one wants to talk into the microphone if you have slobbered all over it. 
10.  Keep your thank you’s broad. Try not to single out specific people as this may offend others that they were not mentioned. Ex) thank you mom’s, dad’s, friends, and family.
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Good Luck!!!