6 Ways to Be The Best Bridesmaid


It’s almost always an honor to be invited to be a bridesmaid, but it may also be difficult to know exactly what’s expected of you. Wedding planning is a lot of effort, and even if she doesn’t want to ask, your bride’s friend will appreciate your assistance.

how to be the best bridesmaid

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Here’s how to be an outstanding bridesmaid.

Help With Projects

Many brides become overwhelmed when they embark on a slew of DIY tasks for their wedding, whether to save money or because they become overly enthused on Pinterest. Offer to assist a friend who is drowning in a sea of sequins and glue. You may assist her with making centerpieces or place cards, reviewing her wedding attire ideas, or proofreading her wedding website. The assistance will undoubtedly be appreciated.

It’s About The Couple

Sometimes bridesmaids can cause a lot of stress. Try to remember that this is your friend’s wedding, and she’s chosen you because she wants you there with her. Try not to let your ego cause problems. Don’t be difficult about things like the hen party, affordable bridesmaid dresses, or hair and makeup. She might want something that isn’t your taste, but it’s not about you. Whether it’s choosing modest bridesmaid dresses or making sure your bride has the best bouquet remember it’s all about the couple. 

Always Stay Calm

Wedding planning is a lot of work, and there will be moments when the bride needs to vent her frustrations. Be a calm, listening ear whether she’s stressing about how much everything costs, her mother-in-law is insisting on inviting Great-Aunt Susan, or her florist isn’t responding to emails. Stay calm and let her get it off her chest instead of getting caught up in your tension.

Plan For Her

Avoid internet instructions to the ultimate hen party if you are planning a hen party. Instead, take some time to consider what your friend might genuinely love the most. The majority of hen party ideas include burlesque dancing courses, shots, and partying. If this is something your buddy enjoys, go for it; if she doesn’t, she’d probably prefer a spa weekend, a culinary lesson, or a sightseeing trip. Whatever you decide to do, make it for her.

Get Familiar With The Venue

On the wedding day, the venue employees should delegate responsibility for any issues that arise to anyone other than the bride and groom. Introduce yourself to whoever is in charge of the wedding day and provide your phone number so they may contact you if any problems arise. If at all possible, resolve these difficulties without bothering the bride.

Build An Emergency Kit

On the wedding day, a variety of minor issues can arise. Pack a tiny first-aid kit. Pain relievers, safety pins, hair grips, spare tights, deodorant, make-up wipes, and period necessities should all be included in your pack. That way, you’ll be prepared for any wardrobe mishaps, make-up disasters, surprise periods, or headaches. Whether it’s the bride or her mother, someone will be grateful that you arrived prepared!

These tips should help you to be the best bridesmaid. Do you have any others tips that should be included? Please add them to the comments below.

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