Save The Dress

Many elements go into your wedding day, but there are only a few things you as the bride and the groom walk away with. You walk away with the memories, photographs, guest book, presents and your wedding dress. All of these elements are easy to preserve but one, your dress.

You can always go the classic way of getting the dress persevered so in a later date the dress doesn’t fall apart and turning yellow. After getting your dress preserved you, your husband and other friends could go on a trip and wear your dresses around the town.

A bride can get her dress preserved and then put it in a shadow box on display for all her friends to see. Also, she can look at her dress and remember the day she wore it.

Other creative ideas if you don’t want to preserve the dress is you could cut a piece of the material and attach it to a necklace, this way you can always carry this special day with you.

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