3 Things Brides Regret After the Wedding

1.      Not Researching Prices
Often times many brides will think that as long as they stayed within their budget they planned well. This is not the case. Brides who buy on impulse without researching the products, vendors, or venues often see the exact same item(s) cheaper after their wedding. The idea is to shop around and make sure you are not overspending. If brides are having trouble locating information a great way is to hire an expert. Bridal Consultants make it their job to find the best products out there at the best prices, plus you may end up spending less than you originally budgeted for!
2.      Not Saving the Cake
Many brides do not think about saving the top layer or at least a slice of their wedding cake after their wedding. This is often referred to as the “anniversary” cake because the couple freeze that piece or layer for a year and eat it on their 1 year anniversary. Brides often are upset after the wedding a regret cutting all of the cake or giving it all away at the end of the night. So make sure to save it because it’s a moment you can’t replace!
3.      Hiring Friends
The largest regret brides have is to hire a friend to work at their wedding. A friend to help plan or run errands for you at the wedding is one thing, but when you hire them to be your photographer, DJ, cake decorator, ect… brides find it hard to deal with certain situations. For example, your friend says she will bake your cake for a great price that you can’t beat at a bakery, so you book her. At the wedding the cake is awful and is not what you had originally envisioned. As a friend you feel that you can’t speak your mind and confront the friend. This creates a problem because you now resent them and are disappointed on your big day. To avoid this problem just spend the extra money and hire a baker this way if there is a problem you have a contract, and confronting the baker is much easier. This will result in the satisfaction of the bride and the wedding of their dreams. 
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