Guest book Alternatives

For those of you creative brides that don’t just want a book filled with names collecting dust on the table, here are some twists on the traditional guest book:

*Fingerprint Tree- Have guest put finger in ink and stamp on paper then write there name over it

*Polaroid Pictures- Have guest take polaroid picture and write messages at the bottom of it
*Photo Book- Create a book of you and your fiancee and have guest sign all throughout the book
*Garden Rocks- Set out rocks on a table explaining to your guest to sign these instead
*Poster- Get a poster of something significant or a photo of the two of you and surround it with matting for your guests to sign
*Video- Set up a video camera or if hired a videographer use them to have your guest record their well wishes

*Anniversary Message- Assign each table an anniversary year and let the guests at that table leave notes to be opened on their first, second, third and so on


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