Detroit Wedding Venue Search Locations

Your Detroit wedding venue search is a crucial part of making a decision on where to host your big day.  It sets the mood and creates the atmosphere for your guests.  It is the place they are enjoying your day and continuously surrounded by.  No one one wants there wedding at a dull, drab same-old hall so we’ve come up with a list of eight new trending venue locations around metro Detroit.  Ranging from restaurants to museums, these modern new sites will guarantee a different and special feel to your wedding. Check ’em out!


italian wedding venue


Black Pearl wedding venue


This space  in Birmingham is perfect for the wine lover couples planning their wedding in or around Metro Detroit. Offer special pairings with each course to wow your guests and give them a fabulous experience they won’t forget.
Ford Piquette wedding venue
wedding venue table decor


This is a great space for the Art Buff. Think of the vivid color and how much you can save on wedding decor if you utilize this unique creative space for your big day!
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Happy planning!