Expect The Unexpected In Wedding Planning


Expect the unexpected in wedding planning. Although, we dream of a perfect wedding day, where nothing could ever go wrong and is a magical memory that will live forever in the married couple’s mind, mistakes and disasters are bound to happen. However, if we are aware of the possible disasters that may happen and plan ahead how to alter according to the situation, it will lessen the stress during that time. 

Most importantly, when approached with a problem, remain calm and composed. Address the problem immediately and seek assistance from the vendor staff. Often, the vendor staff/professional vendors are equipped and quick in dispersing the problem before the newlyweds are brought in or aware. Being quick minded, the vendor is clear with communicating and avoiding any small problem, transforming into a disaster. 

Here are a few examples of how disasters turned into miracles. 

Weather control

In planning months ahead for a wedding with uncertain weather, it is important to think of the not possible. Even if you are certain it will in no way rain, always make a backup plan. Listen to your wedding planner and it is always better to be safe than sorry because it is better to relocate instead of canceling your day overall. 

Wedding Cake

 Plan accordingly to the type of venue you are getting married at. If it is an outdoor cake, it is recommended to skip the four tier cake because by the end of the night, it might just become the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In addition, ask to have backup goods just in case the cake is dropped, or reevaluate the venues’ menu of dessert as a backup option. Again, make sure to have a backup plan for everything important that is a part of the celebration. 

A vendor cancellation

If this occurs, the wedding planner may recruit and call in favors from their other vendors, same for the bride. Remember, if necessary, it is always easier to fit in one person at the hair and makeup salon, instead of a whole bridal party. Therefore, a better way to avoid or prevent cancellation is to draw up a contract between the bride and the vendor. With this, go into depth of potential backup offered by the vendor incase of illnesses or accidents. 

Ultimately, despite all potential disasters, keep in mind that this is your celebration of love and marriage and the day is full of happiness. Not getting your makeup done by an artist or having no cake should not ruin your day because celebrating your marriage to the love of your life is something that will last a lifetime. 

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