5 Awesome Ways To Make Your Wedding A Day To Remember

Your wedding, regardless of what happens, is going to be a day to remember. Of course it is. It’s your wedding day!
You have the people most important to you around you, you’re marrying the person you want to spend the rest of your
life with – what wouldn’t be memorable about that?

Of course your wedding day is going to be memorable to you – but what about your guests? If you’ve been to a few weddings
in your time, you’ll likely agree that many of them have similar elements and some of them can even blend into one. In short:
weddings can be very samey. If you want to ensure your wedding day is a day that everybody will remember, you should do things
a little different. Below, we have 5 awesome ways that you can make your wedding a day to remember:

  1. Come Up With A Unique Theme
First of all, how about coming up with a unique theme for your big day? If you and your partner love going to gigs and festivals,
you could base your wedding theme around that. Have the day in a huge tent with lots of flowers, buckets cooling bottles of cider,
and other fun features. Make sure your theme is personal to you and your partner!

2. Choose The Food Carefully

The food is something that all of your guests will enjoy, so try to choose it carefully, and don’t forget to give options for those who may be
vegan or vegetarian. However, rather than a sit down meal, you could do a buffet with a twist, perhaps allowing people to create their own
mexican wraps, or have a create your own sandwich bar. Do something out of the ordinary!

3. Find The Right People And Vendors To Help You

You’re going to need people and vendors to help you. A wedding planner can take a lot of the stress out of it for you, so that’s worth the
consideration if you’re feeling stressed. Your photographer is an important person, because they will capture images that will last forever…
imagine, your grandchildren’s grandchildren might see these pictures! Finally, don’t forget about the videographer. Places like
www.snowshoeproductions.com can put together awesome videos so that you can relive your wedding day time and time again.

4. Choreograph a Fun First Dance Together

This isn’t exactly a new idea, but it’s fun – so why not? Choreographing a fun and unexpected first dance can be a great idea if you and your
partner want to make people laugh. You could even get a professional to help you.

5. Hire Awesome Entertainment For The Day

Entertainment is key if you want a great day. Photo Booths are a popular choice, as are props. How about somebody drawing caricatures of
guests, too? They could make the perfect wedding favors!

Which of the above ideas are you going to try out on your wedding day? Leave any of your own ideas below, too. Thanks for reading!

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