Internship Exit Interview with Desiree


 1.           What things did you enjoy about the internship?

 I enjoyed doing wedding-focused tasks/assignments; mood boards, researching locations, fabrics, etc. 

 2.            Do you think it was a valuable experience if so why?

 I do think it was a valuable experience because it really express how much planning goes into wedding planning and how you must be ready for any disasters that may pop up. It emphasizes how work/planning-heavy the industry is. 

3.            What did you learn about wedding/event planning?

I learned a broad understanding of planning from the very beginning of mood boards to finding brunch locations for post-wedding. 

4.            What was your favorite part of the experience while interning at You’re The Bride?

 My favorite part was doing mood boards and putting together an idea or inspiration to present to the client. 

5.            What did you dislike about the internship?

 I began to dislike the blog because occasionally I run out of ideas, and my hating of English gave me flashbacks to writing essays. 

6.            Do you have any suggestions on how to change or make the internship better?

 I think how the internship is fine already. It is assignments heavy but it makes sense. For me, there were just many events out of my control that prevented me from reaching deadlines.

7.            Do you still have plans to either become a wedding or event planner while working for someone else or starting your own wedding business?  

  Honestly, I am not sure anymore! It seems fun but I like to run on my own time and schedule. 

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