A few budget bride tips from You’re The Bride

Many couples just like you are seeking ways to control, and even eliminate some wedding costs. You can always hire a wedding coordinator, which have been known to save enough money to pay for the honeymoon, but there are many other ways to do this also.

-Pick your flowers wisely. If you pick flowers that are in season, (like Peonies and Tulips in the Spring, delphiniums in the summer, dahlias in the fall and orchids in the winter) you will save money. It’s not that they will be any less beautiful, but they will be less expensive,

-Have a faux cake. Many cake shops will decorate a Styrofoam cake, then using a sheet cake kept in the kitchen to feed the guests. And your guests will never know the difference! Just ask that one layer of the model, (the top is normally the smallest, so it will be the least expensive) be actual cake so you can still have the opportunity for the traditional cutting.

-Think when setting the date. Peak wedding season is between April and August. By avoiding these months, your site fees will most likely be less expensive. Also, you could consider having your wedding in the afternoon, and have a lunch reception, or have It on a Friday or Sunday. Most halls offer cheaper rates if you choose to have your wedding some time other that a Saturday evening.