Photography Tricks To Take The Perfect Picture

Taking the perfect picture can make all the difference when we are trying to make great memories with the

people we love, or we are looking for a simple way to grab the attention of our followers. If you are new to
photography this year or you simply feel as if your images aren’t up to scratch, we have some great tips for
you to use to create the perfect pictures every time.

Use natural light

The first and the absolute most crucial thing you need to think about when taking photographs is lighting.
‘Photo’ literally means light and this is why it is the most important step in making your way to being a great
photographer. Whether you are doing proposal photography, wildlife photography or product photography;
it is important to have enough light in the frame. Always try to choose a room with lots of windows or shoot
outside on a clear day if you are able to. The more light you can get into a photograph, the more detail you
can see and this will make it a lot easier for you to edit later on.

Find a south facing window

If you like to take great selfies for your Instagram feed and you always seem to struggle finding the right lighting,
one of the things you can do is find a south facing window and stand in front of it. If you were unsure, the sun rises
in the east in the morning and sets in the west meaning that the south will get sunlight all day long. This sunlight will
give you to ideal lighting for your selfies allowing you to look amazing every time.

Play with angles

As important as the lighting and the subject are when you are trying to take a great photo, something which is also
crucial for you is the angle of the image. Instead of sticking to the simple front on angle, you can sometimes benefit
from trying out a new perspective. Think for example about crouching slightly below the subject or standing slightly
above the subject and angling your image downwards. Trying out different angles can be helpful for you and it can
make your images look more unique and interesting.

Use props… but not too many

Props can be a huge help for an image if you want to make your photographs look as unique and stunning as you can.
For example if you were to take an image of a mobile phone on its own it could look pretty boring, but if you were to
take a photograph of a phone with some flowers and some glasses arranged in the frame, the image suddenly becomes
more exciting. Most of the time a prop can make a huge difference to a regular image and it can create something which
is unique to you and fun too. You will also want to be aware not to overdo it with your props though because this can make
the image look too crowded and busy.

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