Cross Knot, Windsor, Bow Tie…

The tie is the most important piece in a tuxedo. The tie brings the whole ensemble together.

Many women and even men struggle to learn how to correctly tie a tie. Even You’re The Bride, and some Detroit Wedding Planners find it challenging to tie a tie. Some sit down to learn and give up as soon as the started because of how confusing it can be. The Internet can help you learn how to tie a tie. With YouTube and Pinterest they can show you step-by-step instructions to make your tie perfect! There are so many knots you can learn! The most common knots are the plain knot, cross knot, double knot, double cross knot, Windsor knot and half Windsor knot. Don’t forget the bow tie! We believe it is important for you to learn how to tie a tie just incase on your big day there is tie emergency!

Below you will see a diagram of each knot you can tie. Also provided you can see how to correctly tie a bow tie. 

Congratulations on your engagement!

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Photo Credits: Pinterest