Unique Wedding Card Holders

What originally started as a simple box for guest to place well wishes has become a creative outlet for brides. Helping take some stress away and free up a little more of your time so it can be spent at places like wizardslots.com. From boxes that resemble wedding cakes to the trendy bird cage, there are card holders that match every theme. Lanterns for example make a great card holder and because of the variety of styles can match most any wedding. One can also use the glass box purchased for displaying the bride’s dress after the wedding for holding cards at the reception.

For a beach wedding, a clever idea is using a lobster trap with the card drop either through the slats on the top or through the side door. A treasure chest also goes with the nautical theme, especially destination weddings.
A more casual setting could use a mailbox as their card holder. Whether decorated or vintage, a mailbox can give the feeling of home and comfort. Vintage letter or post boxes can also be used and have a very vintage flair.
If you are having a fairytale wedding a wire carriage would fit right in. The cards can be placed inside either by opening the top of the carriage or through the bars. A white carriage box is perfect for a Cinderella wedding.
Tying in the honeymoon idea, brides can use luggage or suitcases for guests to put their well wishes. Or instead, one could have a small house shaped box with a cut on top or a hinged roof like doll houses had, if a new home is preferred over a vacation.
If you would like to rent one of our traditional card holders please contact us at 248-408-4602. We have a white 3 tiered wedding cake and a sqaure embellished box.