DIY Wedding Favors


Wedding favors always make your family and friends feel loved and appreciated for attending your special day. Every time they see the wedding favor at home, it will remind them of your spectacular wedding! DIY wedding favors express immense value, so your guests will make good use of them and not throw them out. They show your guests that they are made with extra love at home. Here are some awesome DIY wedding favors that all guests will enjoy!

diy wedding favors

Mini Plants : These beauties give life, love, and peace to all households. They fit anywhere because of their size and give a great pop of green. They look amazing on kitchen tables, bedroom side tables, living room tables, you name it! Also, you can add a tiny custom label with the bride and groom’s name and wedding date.  

Soap: You can purchase some on Etsy or make some yourself with natural essential oils and colors that match your wedding theme. Some options are a lilac soap with lavender sprigs or a soft pink soap with dried rose petals. So calming, pretty, and soothing! Great favor for a rustic themed or outdoor wedding.

Mini Candles or Scented Sachets: You can combine these two tokens together! Mini candles can be made at home or purchased at Dollar Tree/Five Below. Just add a ribbon and a custom label and you’re ready to go! The scented sachets are extremely easy to make with a little sack, lavender, essential oil, rice and Downy beads. Pull the string and you’re all done!

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